NAGAYA was founded in March 2022 by Nika and Nat who both shared a passion for creating unique pieces that go beyond just regular clothes. They created something that can reveal women's souls as if they are wearing their true selves.

The name 'NAGAYA,' meaning 'bare,' reflects our commitment to making you feel as comfortable and authentic as possible, as if you were wearing your true self.

Our production takes place in Europe, where each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. We believe in timeless designs that transcend seasons and stand the test of time. NAGAYA combines street style with classic accents to celebrate the individuality of every woman, regardless of her pursuits. We dress the body to unveil the soul, revealing your passions, tenderness, and feminine strength.

Women are at the heart of our brand, and NAGAYA aims to empower you with confidence and sophistication, whether you're rushing in the bustling streets of New York or gracing a luxurious event in London.

NAGAYA’s looks are combined with comfortable sneakers and classic pumps or heels. Our brand seeks to fill the world with the melody and colors of the female soul, occasionally taking a moment to ensure we look our best before meeting you.